Pacific Fuel Haul receives notification of industrial action

Dec 3 2018

Pacific Fuel Haul (PFH), a division of TIL Logistics Group Limited, advises that it has been issued with a notice of strike action by First Union, which represents approximately 64% of PFH’s truck driving personnel.

The company has been in collective employment bargaining with the Union since 10 August 2018. The notice proposes a complete withdrawal of labour from 0001 hours on 16 December until 2359 hours on 20 December 2018.

Pacific Fuel Haul said it was extremely disappointed by the intended strike action to be taken by Union employees, and particularly their timing of the strike for the busy week before Christmas.

CEO of Pacific Fuel Haul, Stephen Owles, said: ““We are concerned at the impact of the strike on New Zealanders just before Christmas. PFH will be working with other staff and drivers to minimise disruption and maintain supplies during the strike period.

“We believe our offer is fair and reasonable, offering an attractive increase above CPI. However, given the Union’s rejection of PFH’s offer, on Friday 30 November 2018 both parties had agreed to mediation as a pathway to a solution. We were frustrated the Union then chose to announce on Saturday 1 December its notification of strike action. While we recognise the right of Union members to strike, the length of the strike action (five days) is entirely inconsistent with the restraint shown by other essential sectors over recent months.

“We remain open to continuing discussions in ‘good faith’ with the Union and remain positive of a mutually acceptable outcome.”

PFH has a history of paying some of the highest rates in the industry and year on year has provided increases at rates in excess of the CPI. Following three months of training, funded by PFH, most drivers are currently earning upwards of $100,000 per year.
Alan Pearson, CEO of TIL said that strike notice was not currently expected to have any material effect on TIL’s results.