MOVE’s major Site Developments

Nov 8 2018

Above: Site 20 (30 Highbrook Drive, Highbrook), Auckland Extension

The extension of Site 20 has begun and once completed will increase the size of the Site 20 Auckland warehouse from 6,384m2 to circa 11,800m2. The extension will increase pallet storage from 9,500 pallets to 19,000 pallets and will extend container yard operations from 2000m2 to circa 4000m2. In addition, the fully enclosed canopy will increase from 540m2 to 4,300m2 and will be fully sprinklered. Kerwyn Avenue (at the back of Site 20) is to be opened up and this will allow for better site access as well as create a one-way entry/exit traffic management system.


Jarvis Way (East Tamaki), Auckland (Site 27) Development

This development will be due for completion in mid-2019 and will be 12,000m2 and if racked will have 18,000 pallet positions. This development will be next door to Lion (The Pride).

Rolleston, Christchurch Update


Stage one of the Rolleston development (10,000m2) is due for completion in February 2019. This is to coincide with both the completion of the Southern Motorway extension and with the existing Site 4 Christchurch lease which will run out in mid-April 2019. Stage two (also 10,000m2) of this development should be completed in early 2021.


The Rolleston development is very much a strategic move to create capacity, grow our sector presence, attract a new range of customers and to broaden our services to customers. There are a number of potential benefits for our existing customers and these include reduced container transport costs, container triangulation benefits and reduced supply chain costs.